Saturday, 24 September 2011

Another video!

This is a rough cut of Madam Coyne's Interview - an important questioning session which reveals the true nature of Wallace through an account of his early years. We're well into production now, but rather than a traditional film project, where we would film everything then edit, we're instead constructing sequences and editing them with music to lessen the load later on!

So here's the video, almost completed!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New video - conference outtakes!

A full day of filming tok place last Monday titled "conference scenes". With the script finished and half our photography finished, the documentary is well on its way to completion. Here's the video of conference scene outtakes!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Part 2 - First video

Well, this is long overdue because the video's been up for quite a while, but of course, the team has been on Calypso's isle making stunning discoveries and documenting a truly terrifying sequence. We can give a preview soon with some screens!

For now, here's the first outtake video, with a couple of excerpts from the actual documentary and basically a little look "behind the scenes".

Monday, 11 July 2011

Calypso's Isle

Soon we will take a trip to Calypso's Isle (a.k.a. Malta & Gozo in Europe) on a research trip *cough* holiday *cough*. It would be giving away too much of the story to say why we are visiting this ancient island (in terms of how the visit will be presented in the documentary), but rest assured it's a good reason.

We plan to visit Calypso and interview her about Wallace. Here is an early draft of the script:

Visit to Calypso

Person 1: [talking to camera a little distance from Calypso] Studying numerous feature length films and novels has allowed us to gain expertise in the art of talking to Gods. Firstly, you must never say the words “the”, “a”, “am” as in “I am” or “are” as in “We are”.

Person 1: [cut to interview with Calypso] Hail, Calypso, queen of ocean. We would like audience. We team of historians with great request.

Person 1: [back to talking to camera] You must always give them a token of friendship, and it has to be completely useless and have a name with at least six syllables.

Person 1: [cut to interview again] Please accept our gift – an ornamental wog-wog-joggin-joggin. [gives twig to Calypso]

Person 1: [back to camera] You have to compliment them. {“Fine, fine jaw and great power”} preferably with the words “beyond all other Gods” {“beyond all other Gods”} and spend a few minutes eating whatever they eat. {“This wheat grass is indeed nourishing!”} And then – then you say what you want.

Calypso: What is it you ask for?
Person 1: Information, on someone you may know - Wallace Intrubé.
Calypso: Ahh, orange boy.
Person 1: Yes...
Calypso: I deliver great victory for that boy.
Person 1: It is true, then, that you helped him defeat Hartleys and Mafia in great battle?
Calypso: Yessss. The sea did my will, and his.
Person 1: What persuaded you to help him, then?
Calypso: If you're worried someone might manage it again, that is not the case. I take orders from nobody, particularly men.
Person 1: Surely if you take orders from nobody it makes no difference if it is a woman or man?
Calypso: Aye. That be true. But rest assured I will give no further help. Not to him, not to anybody. He played a role nobody else could fill.
Person 1: What role?
Calypso: I had a debt to settle. A man, of course, vile creatures as you are. Nobody but Wallace can rip the soul out of another man. And that is how he settled the debt. By ripping out the man's soul!
Person 1: How did he do it?
Calypso: Only by severest of methods. Biscuit technique.
Person 1: Ah. You know, we've never been told this, but what exactly is the biscuit technique?
Calypso: If you knew, you would be worse than dead. Do you want that?
Person 1: No.
Calypso: Pity... [frantic music begins]
Person 1: What?
Calypso: Your fate is not good, traveller. You trespassed Wallace's secrets. For that you will pay.
Person 1: But – you gave them to me!
Calypso: That is irrelevant! You expect Wallace to enlist my help and fail to ensure those who discover so never live to tell the tale? Feel the wrath of Calypso! You may live yet – that is, if you can escape my territory before my wrath consumes you! [Laughs wildly]
Person 1: [Standing up, cluthing head, screaming!] No! No!
Person 2: [Cameraman] Come one, let's go! Go go!
[Escape scene, dramatic music, culminates in Dr Frankland diving off the Azure Window]

Naturally, as in all good documentaries you need an action scene or two, and hopefully this will provide!

Sadly, after we board, we can give no updates until we return - the Internet has not reached the place we intend to explore. Whether, education, democracy, law and standards of hygiene have is something we should be equally concerned about...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

An Interview with Magician Tunnok

We are steaming ahead with the script for "Who is Wallace Intrubé? - Part 2", and as it becomes ridiculously long and less feasible to film within the next two months, we complete an exclusive interview with Magician Tunnok, part-time resident of Sabden and expert on the Pendle Witches! Click "read more" to see the interview!

[Interviewer and Tunnok sit down]
Interviewer: Thankyou for agreeing to meet with us, Mr Tunnok.
Tunnok: You're not welcome.
Interviewer: Ok, let's've been a part-time resident in Sabden for how long?
Tunnok: Six years. Fourteen months, thirty five days, 42 hours, 89 minutes and [looks at watch] 14 seconds.....16, 17, 18, 19, 20
Interviewer: Thankyou. And you say you have a record of every witch who has ever lived in the Pendle area for the last 900 years?
Tunnok: I do.
Interviewer: Tell us a bit about them.
Tunnok: I've documented over 200,000 witches, 400 of whom are alive to today; so you've got your Alice Nutter, Dem Dyke, extending all the way back to Roena Ravenclaw, then right up to modern-day witches, so there's Sybill Trelawney, Katrina the Oppressor and Serafina Pekella. Those are the most famous ones, of course.
Interviewer: But how is it that you tell them apart from each other? They are, and I'm sure you'll agree with me, rather uniform in their appearance, are they not?
Tunnok: Oh certainly. They're equally disgusting and horrid. But thank heavens they are, because otherwise I might develop an attraction to some of them.
Interviewer: No doubt. Is there a way, to tell them apart?
Tunnok: There have to look at their powers. Each witch gas a different set of defining magical enchantments to their name, in addition to the spells that everyone has to learn from this book. [Gets out Hogwarts Journal]
Interviewer: That's incredible, may I take a look?
Tunnok: Of course. [Shots of Interviewer turning the book over in their hands, then using a finger to stroke the cover then licking the finger]
Interviewer: am I right in supposing that if you were to look at the powers of those in possession of magic, you could identify the witch who possesses them?
Tunnok: Yes, you can trace the powers back to the witch.
Interviewer: Well we're looking for a witch, who we believe had some of her powers stolen by someone. Have you heard of Wallace Intrubé?
Tunnok: [Dark Music begins, shadow appears across his face.] Oh I've heard of him.{Could show someone holding up something to put a shadow over him “That's not necessary” (music stops) “Sorry”, Interviewer turns back to Tunnok. “You've heard of him?” (music begins again) }The devil's accomplice with a rugged face to boot. Oh we've had some words, Wallace and myself. He certainly left a bitter taste when he stopped by the house of Katrina the Oppressor.
Interviewer: It was Katrina the Oppressor he stole from?
Tunnok: Oh yes. [Looks morbidly aside] Only Katrina could have provided the kind of magic he uses to travel the world. I don't know what else he stole – you'll have to ask her yourself.
Interviewer: How can we find her?
Magician Tunnok: Well, you see the trouble is she's very good at keeping her whereabouts a secret, and on top of that she's incredibly well disguised. But I can tell you where she is for a small fee.
Interviewer: Certainly. [Hands money over]
Magician Tunnok: She's over there. [Camera moves to Katrina in full witch clothing at a nearby table, wearing a huge nametag]
Interviewer: Oh.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Scripting progress: Section 1 - "Early Years 1993-2004" - is now finished!

And when I say finished, I mean the first version is done, since many alterations and additions will be made as we begin filming it, based on criticisms, difficulties, practicalities and spontaneous ideas which tend to make the whole thing ten times better. I estimate this will be approximately 1/4 of the entire script, which is already looking to be nearly twice as long as the first documentary. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have to split it into two documentaries?

Since almost none of the speaking parts have been assigned to people, I've put 'Person 1', 'Person 2', 'Person 3' and so forth. This DOES NOT MEAN whoever says the line for 'Person 1' in one part automatically "becomes" person 1 for all scenes; this system is just used to determine who says which lines relative to each other within a given scene. I haven't actually included exact scene indicators for all parts, so there may be places where it looks like there are several people in a scene but it is in fact several interviews one after another.

Anyway - here it is, four pages of script on the early years of Wallace.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

An interview with Madam Coyne

Today's update is on the screenplay side - "Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 2" now runs for approximately 10 minutes, as a rough estimate. Today the interview with Madam Coyne was finished, featuring an in-depth account of her time as the Intrubé's former maid. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Designing the DVD cover

It's in the works at the moment while the DVDs themselves are being delivered. I have two different versions - one with a 'smoke' border and one with a clean-cut border. This is just the front cover for now. What do people prefer?
"Smoke" Border:

Or "Clean" Border:

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A raft of ideas!

Pre-production phase is in many ways the most exciting time of the filming process, because it's where everyone has complete creative freedom - here the ideas for the documentaries are actually created. Once we have ideas for every part of the story, we can finally begin writing up the screenplay. However, I say "finally" - it took about two weeks to start and finish the screenplay for Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 1, and many of the ideas we had are overflowing into Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 2!

So here they are, organised by documentary/production, and with some in an 'any' section, because, well, they can go anywhere.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wallace Intrubé's biography has been finished!

Want to hear about Latvian boys in Easter Eggs, unrated autobiographical films, a 'victory museum', appearances on Oprah and the Crucifixion Game? Head on over to the Wallace Intrubé page on Illogicopedia, which has been updated to include the remainder of his biography up to the present day.

This is exciting news, because it means the screenplay for Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 2 can be mapped out at last. With all the information in place, it's time to start pre-production properly. Period. Perfect. Pretty picturesque. Poo.

Meanwhile, ideas for all the upcoming productions are being discussed and recorded. What we know for sure is the next few documentaries are going to be incredible. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Pre-production has begun!

Oh hey ya'll.
This is young master G.B. but for the sake of internet animity you can call me Zauberdragon. Very, very early script writing took place today, well me getting bored and scribling some thoughts down. Seeing as I did most of the Balafalafa page on Illogicipedia I've done a bit on everyone's faviorate Hungarian Badger-woman.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The blog has begun.

With our documentary series, Who is Wallace Intrubé, now in full motion with the first episode: The Intrubé Dynasty, we have expanded outwards. DVDs are now on sale to the world, and include a wealth of information, including production shots, a 'How it all began' video and Outtakes.

We feel that it is best to create a record of our important research, for it is still ongoing. The second episode in our award-winning documentary series will shortly begin production, where we focus on the life of Wallace Intrubé himself, and we believe our work will be invaluable in the course of time. However, your support is essential; to fund our work we will need to sell our work to the wider world, and soon we will provide the means by which you can buy our DVD. For the sake of humanity, personal development, and general enjoyment, it is an incredible investment to make.

For now, we present you the first of many 'Outtake' videos to appear on Youtube during the process of our filming. Note that none of those featured on the DVD will be available on Youtube; their nature is so sensitive (and hilarious) that they are reserved exclusively for the DVD.

Now, take a moment to relish in the joy of the video below:

Hannah and Tim's Birthday Message Uncut