Monday, 21 March 2011

Pre-production has begun!

Oh hey ya'll.
This is young master G.B. but for the sake of internet animity you can call me Zauberdragon. Very, very early script writing took place today, well me getting bored and scribling some thoughts down. Seeing as I did most of the Balafalafa page on Illogicipedia I've done a bit on everyone's faviorate Hungarian Badger-woman.

Presenter- (footage of them in Sabden in a relatively rural sport walking towards the camera)
It was in these idyllic hills, that on the 7th of December 2006, little Timmy Townsend was found face down, drifting in and out of consciousness. His tale is familiar yet no less distressing. You see, Little Timmy was the latest in a long line of victims to a savage beast that had haunted Europe, and later the world for centuries.
(Cut to a series of related images)
This beast went from pillaging small settlements in medieval Hungary to bringing the whole world to her knees in the 20th century. Her influence spread from east to west, creating the largest proxy-empire the world has seen (show map of the world with most of shaded in showing her influence). Her lovers have included Charles V, Napoleon Bonaparte, Theodore Roosevelt, Idi-Amin and Chris Tarrant. For years she has eluded capture leaving nothing but fur and droppings in her wake. Tonight we aim to do something extraordinary. Tonight we will bring you the first footage of that most terrible beast, that most violent of creatures and most passionate of lovers (humorous sound in the background, perhaps ‘oooh matron!’), tonight you will see (dramatic music) Balafalafa!
(Moves on to a series of interviews)
1)    Interviewer- Do you know what Balafalafa is?
Interviewee- (licks lips) ooh yes!

2)    Interviewer-  Do you know what Balafalafa is?
Interviewee- NO! How did you get here! Who are you! Who sent you! Get out, get out get out!

3)    Interviewer- Do you know what Balafalafa is?
Interviewee- Yes
Interviewer- Are you going to tell me?
Interviewee- No

4)    Interviewer-Do you know what Balafalafa is?
Interviewee-A what alafa?
Interviewee-(thinks for a second)Isn’t it some kind of shoe?
Interviewer-(long pause) A Shoe? (.) Are you actually stupid? (Interviewee looks sullen and degraded) Seriously a shoe? And you have a degree in what exactly? (2)  A shoe? Get out. (2) No seriously get out. I feel sick get out right now. (.) I’m being serious get out! (Interviewee gets up and leaves) I’m appalled, hang your head in shame. (Hear a door slam) A Shoe? Idiot.
Yeah it's basic so don't think this is anywhere near finished. I've tried injecting some humour into it seeing as this part is going to be quite light hearted so any ideas are appreciated.
Hugs and kisses,
His excellency Zauberdragon.

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