Part 1 - The Intrubé Dynasty

Part 1 - The Intrubé Dynasty is the first episode of our documentary series.

It looks at Wallace's ancient lineage, a rich and influential family called the Intrubé Dynasty. It is an epic tale, full of glory, struggle and suffering; but we hope it will shed light on the troubled past on the notorious criminal that is Wallace Intrubé. In future episodes, we will explore Wallace's own life, then eventually deal with what he is doing today.

The documentary was made by members of Forest Friends Productions, many of whom personally star in this episode. It is based in information we researched then eventually wrote up on Illogicopedia. Forest Friends Productions owns all publishing rights to this documentary. 

Here is the trailer from Youtube:

The full documentary is also available on Youtube in four parts (so do not get confused that the videos say 'Part 1' 'Part 2' 'Part 3' and 'Part 4' - since they are all parts of the Intrubé Dynasty they all form 'Episode 1'). Here are the videos below:

The DVD is nearly available for sale! It will appear on a page titled 'The DVD' and a link to it will also be provided here.