Saturday, 26 March 2011

A raft of ideas!

Pre-production phase is in many ways the most exciting time of the filming process, because it's where everyone has complete creative freedom - here the ideas for the documentaries are actually created. Once we have ideas for every part of the story, we can finally begin writing up the screenplay. However, I say "finally" - it took about two weeks to start and finish the screenplay for Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 1, and many of the ideas we had are overflowing into Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 2!

So here they are, organised by documentary/production, and with some in an 'any' section, because, well, they can go anywhere.

Who is Wallace Intrubé - Part 2

Credits section: Find members of the public and ask them to watch the first documentary, then met up with them after it, then ask them questions like:
  • What do you think of the quality? Professional or clearly a student production?
  • Can you understand it?
  • Would you see it again?
  • Would you recommend it to anyone?
  • Would you be interested in watching more productions from Forest Friends Productions?
  • Rating?
End with: "This documentary is for entertainment purposes only and does not contain factual information on persons living or dead. The views expressed in this documentary do not represent the views of Forest Friends or its affiliates. Tjis documentary is subject to copyright."

Do a lot of reading in Dark Places, and more walking scenes. Shots of half a presenter's face. This time, ALL experts need outside scenes.

"Our initial attempts to contact the Hartleys were unsuccessful" [show clip of presenter asking one member if they could speak to him and being refused]


Do an "expert's reconstruction" of a Balafalafa attack - animated version of stick people getting attacked by a stick figure with a badger head. Has a pre-warning: "Be warned - the following scene is highly disturbing"
It moves from camera footage of running through a forest, then hearing rustling and turning around, to the animation
Mr Nick draws various sketches of Balafalafa to represent "ancient artist's depictions" from the past.


An actual "where does sabden cover?" section with accompanying ordinance survey maps.
Need to make a written-out timeline for Sabden/Balafalafa (or even both). Could have a "long version" (trailing on the floor "It's like the Torah this") and a "short version" (for actual reference).
Could test an "ancient communication device" (basically something obviously non-functional like two shells) on the hills of Sabden
"What they would have hold the device in their hand, and place it to their ear, being careful not to cover this part....a bit like this"
Historians test it out on two different hills in "Sabden Language" like "ack Nophstand uplim!" then rings the other historian on their mobile phone to check: "Did you get that?" "Not a thing"
Voiceover: "Clearly, the experiment proved a total failure."


"Silent Movie section" - maybe a fast chase scene? Piano plays a Chopin piece.
Could have a wandering musician in a scene to "justify the use of background music"
Demonstrations of a particular plot line or event through the use of objects; or through a short 'drama' - this can be turned into a joke
Go from a still picture to an acted out scene
"Will we be able to publish this as historical research?" "Well we only have the evidence of one mentally insane man" "Hmmmm......that'll do"

These are simply the latest batch of idea - many more were conceived of a few months ago. As with any creative project, not all ideas can be included but it's very likely that most of these if not all will. Reassuringly, we have as many ideas for the "spin-off" documentaries as we do for Wallace Intrubé, meaning the production of entirely separate documentaries for those subject areas is going to be worth it :)

More ideas will arrive as we have them; and so will early versions of the screenplays!

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