Sunday, 20 March 2011

The blog has begun.

With our documentary series, Who is Wallace Intrubé, now in full motion with the first episode: The Intrubé Dynasty, we have expanded outwards. DVDs are now on sale to the world, and include a wealth of information, including production shots, a 'How it all began' video and Outtakes.

We feel that it is best to create a record of our important research, for it is still ongoing. The second episode in our award-winning documentary series will shortly begin production, where we focus on the life of Wallace Intrubé himself, and we believe our work will be invaluable in the course of time. However, your support is essential; to fund our work we will need to sell our work to the wider world, and soon we will provide the means by which you can buy our DVD. For the sake of humanity, personal development, and general enjoyment, it is an incredible investment to make.

For now, we present you the first of many 'Outtake' videos to appear on Youtube during the process of our filming. Note that none of those featured on the DVD will be available on Youtube; their nature is so sensitive (and hilarious) that they are reserved exclusively for the DVD.

Now, take a moment to relish in the joy of the video below:

Hannah and Tim's Birthday Message Uncut


  1. ooo exciting stuff :) I really like the 'tonight you will' parts :P

  2. ok oops posted to the wrong message - this is meant for george!